Imagining the shape of things to come. This seems to be the story of SCARPA and of the Parisotto family, a story that is seventy years long. A path rich in memories, traditions and experiences now focussing on the future where nature, fun and uniqueness are the reference points to detect tomorrow’s winning products, for “no place is far”.

Going over the company history is like travelling through the evolution of Italian society in the last seventy years while discovering the remarkable intuition and special sensitivity of the Parisotto family, a family driven by the ambition to transform mountain and working boots, useful products in their own rights, into cult objects, the symbols of Italy at its earnest: performing, refined and wholesome. In the beginning there was craftsmanship and slowly maturing skills owing to determination, the accumulation of technical and managerial competence, actions dominated by a strong sense of time. In the old days becoming a master took long years, lots of passion and an innate ability to create an emotion: this is what SCARPA’s work is all about: the seduction of the unexpected.

SCARPA: the roots of a dream.